Asian Sniper

Live Account Update:
High Returns of 26.58% in 30 days of live trading without the high risk
Low Drawdown of 4.52%!

What makes the Asian Sniper such a 

Formidable Trading Strategy?

During each trading session, The Asian Sniper algorithm reviews past market patterns and anticipates the best approach and entry price for each assigned pair.

These results that you are about to see might look totally out of this world but these are real back test results.

And we did not tweak to match past price history just to make the Asian Sniper look good.

All the pairs are tested using the same setting. No tweaking.

If a strategy is good and robust, it should work across all pairs.

These are extensive backtest results on the Asian Sniper.

No other strategy can come close to the performance of the Asian Sniper. 

Take a close look at the incredible growth, and low drawdown.  

Here's Proof that the Asian Sniper is a

Powerful Trading Strategy

EUR/USD Backtest
Result: $1000 to $25,040
Drawdown: 7.02%

GBP/USD Backtest
Result: $1000 to $1,058,116
Drawdown: 4.94%

USD/CAD Backtest
Result: $1000 to $87,160.03
Drawdown: 11.39%

NZD/USD Backtest

Result: $1000 to $22,951.05
Drawdown: 15.06%

AUD/CHF Backtest

Result: $1000 to $1,762,315.23
Drawdown: 16.08%

GBP/JPY Backtest

Result: $1000 to $480,819.28
Drawdown: 7.15%

AUD/NZD Backtest

Result: $1000 to $141,644.27
Drawdown: 16.01%

CAD/CHF Backtest

Result: $1000 to $577,271.07
Drawdown: 6.97%

GBP/CHF Backtest

Result: $1000 to $6,578,604.26
Drawdown: 4.90%

NZD/CAD Backtest

Result: $1000 to $15,101.69
Drawdown: 24.83%

NZD/JPY Backtest

Result: $1000 to $6563.62
Drawdown: 33.97%

NZD/CHF Backtest

Result: $1000 to $
Drawdown: %

At this point, let me ask you this question, if the Asian Sniper can help you even just to generate 10% of this of result, would you be willing to pay $9997 for the license?

Some Pairs did not Perform so

Well in the Backtest...

The Asian Sniper have been generally profitable across multiple Forex Pairs using the same setting.

There are some pairs that is listed here but it's not that it's not profitable.

These pairs are listed here because either the ROI is relatively low or the Drawdown is relatively high.

By any other standards, these results are still really good.

Take a look at the "Not-So-Good" results.

USD/CHF Backtest
Result: $1000 to $1320.28
Drawdown: 14.93%

AUD/JPY Backtest
Result: $1000 to $3293.32
Drawdown: 25.26%

USD/JPY Backtest
Result: $1000 to $4762.40
Drawdown: 17.75%

AUD/USD Backtest
Result: $1000 to $12,787.46
Drawdown: 17.87%

Even these pairs which did not do so well, would you accept such results?

Most strategies cannot even produce this kind of results.

These kind of "bad" results are actually awesome results for most strategies out there.

Do you agree?

The Trading Strategy
Strict Trading Rules Enforced by Algorithmic Programming

If you expect plenty of trades, then this is probably not for you.

But if you expect results, then this is something that might actually be of GREAT interest to any traders who wants to become profitable.

During each trading session, the Asian Sniper algorithm reviews past market patterns and anticipates the best approach and entry price for each assigned pair.

The Asian Sniper is a straightforward Buy/Sell Strategy and it does not employ...

  • No Martingale
  • No Hedging
  • No Grid trading
  • No Multiple Positions

It opens only one position at a time and it has a tight stop loss.

Most days, you will wake up and see your portfolio is empty with no open trades.

That's what the Asian Sniper is designed to do... get into position and exit with profit.

And when things go wrong, exit with the least possible damage.  

Live Trading Mode Results!
Take a look at the results so far and you be the judge if the Asian Sniper is to perform as well as in the backtest...

Here's the part that gets interesting... we started trading on a demo account using $10,000.  

Drawdown has been relatively low at only 12.27% after 2 months of demo live trading.

ROI is up at 72.08% which is in line with the backtest results.

The one thing that perhaps is a little off sync with the backtest result is the number of trades.

We have noticed that in live trading many of the trades cannot be executed because of the widening spreads.

Below is the updated MyFxBook link... click on it to see how the Asian Sniper is doing now.

The Secret Ingredient for Exponential Growth...

Time and Compound Interest! 

These are the 2 most powerful secret ingredient to exponential growth.

Look... you have seen the backtest results and it's really ridiculous.

We are not saying that we will hit this type of result with the Asian Sniper although it's looking quite good in the demo trading with Tickmill.

We can only assure you the backtest is real and we did not manipulate any data.

The secret to the crazy growth is time and compound interest.

We used a 5 year backtest because we needed the time for the compound interest to kick in.

The Asian Sniper adds onto the trading quantity as it continues to win.

Using the exact same settings, you can see how big a different compound interest can make to your bottom line. 

With Compounding Lot Size

Result: $1,762,315.23

No Compounding Factor

Result: $6853.32

So Here's What You Going to Get...
This is what you will get when you invest in Asian Sniper

Powerful Expert Advisor that will work hard for you (Value $997)

The Asian Sniper is programmed to work for you like a hard working employee who does not complain and does not ask you for a pay raise every 2 week. And in Asian Sniper, you have access to a trading solution that works across different Forex Pairs using the same setting which shows you that the system works and is not tweaked to show excellent backtest results. The Asian Sniper results are awesome across multiple pairs using the same setting.

Advanced Stop Loss Features ($297 value)

When using Asian Sniper, you can always sleep well at night because the in-built stop loss feature is there to always protect your account from total disaster. While the entry strategy is with precision, the Stop Loss feature of the Asian Sniper serves as backup in case things go wrong and in trading, things can always go wrong.

Step by Step Installation Video Tutorial (Value $197)

We want you to get started as soon as possible and even if you have no experience with MT4 EA installation, we have made it a breeze for you. With our easy to follow video tutorials, you will install the Asian Sniper in less than 10 minutes by just following our video tutorials.

Unlimited Support (Value $297)

When you have a licensed copy of the Asian Sniper, you will always have unlimited email support from us. Unlike many EA developers out there, they disapear after some time...not with us. The Asian Sniper is a long term project for us and we have put in so much work to make this software to be where it is today. It's been a long but fun journey for us and we will continue to tweak this trading solution for further improvement.

You may have questions a long the way... our support is here to help you get started and get going in the right direction.

Comprehensive Historical Testing  (Value $197)

We have spent a lot of time testing the Asian Sniper on various Forex pairs to give us the confidence that this is the system that will continue to perform in the face of adverse market condition. And more importantly, this EA is designed exponentially grow your portfolio through time using compound interest. This is why the results of the backtest seems ridiculous but when you look closer, it made sense in the growth.

You get to see all our backtest in great details so that you know you are using a proven trading system.

And also you now have a powerful system in your hands so that you don't have to waste any more time testing, and developing your own system. You just have to ride our development work and time.

Auto Lot Sizing Compounding ($197 value)

As your account grows bigger, this feature will kick in the compounding factor that will make your account grow even faster. At the same time, if your account size declines, this feature will reduce lot size to protect your account. In short, when the system is in hot form, it will continue to increase lot size. When the market is not doing well for the strategy, it will scale down the lot size. 

We included this powerful feature so that all you need to focus on is adding more funds into your portfolio to compound the profit systematically.


As we continue to work on refining the rules and increasing the quality of trades that the Asian Sniper generates, you will continue to receive our the latest version at no cost!  When we make new updates, you will always have access to the new files of Asian Sniper.

As we continue to update and tweak the Asian Sniper, you get access to all our continuous effort without paying a dime more.

Professional EA Installation ($197 value)

If you are subscribed to a VPS service, we are happy to install the Asian Sniper for you for FREE. All you need to do is just provide us access to your VPS and we will take over the installation and to make sure that your Asian Sniper works like it should for you.

If you are ever unsure if you are configuring this powerful strategy correctly, we are here for you but we ask that you use a VPS so that we can do it right for you.

$3376 Value

Here's More Undeniable Proof with
Real Money Trading!

With all the backtest and development work on the Asian Sniper, we have started trading with Real Money only recently and the results have just been awesome!

Below you will see 2 different portfolios. 

One that is more conservative with Risk Level 1 and static trading capital.

The 2nd portfolio is more aggressive with Risk Level 3 and a weekly increment to the trading capital of $100 per week. 

Risk Level 1
No Weekly Increment

Risk Level 3 
Weekly Increment of $100

We have made all the mistakes so that you your learning curve is much shorter and less painful...

While developing and tweaking the Asian Sniper, we have made so many mistakes with the strategy and the settings. We have lost the most important element called time.

Today, we have a solution that is ready to roll and this will help save you time and agony. 

This account does not look perfect but it's one of the accounts that we almost gave up on. 

It's here because we managed to turn the account around and today, we are adding $150 per week onto this account to grow our trading capital and to compound of growth.

Below is the actual MyFxBook chart for this portfolio.

We struggled in April until we finally got the Asian Sniper working from May 6th onwards.

To know how we have done after making those tweaks, we will have to filter the dates from 7th May onwards...

Up until this moment, we have solid results after less than 7 weeks of trading.

While ROI is always great, but it's the drawdown that we are most proud of.

An ultra low 5.78% drawdown while the ROI is hitting 52.42% in just 7 weeks of trading.

Here you can see all the trades executed clearly...we show you everything...

Take a look at this trade chart below.

Click on B or S to see the trade details.

For this portfolio, we traded on 9 pairs. 

Please select these pairs respectively to see all the trade history.

Powered by

It's going to be an Exciting Journey...!

We do not know how Asian Sniper will perform in the future, but we have that confidence that it will continue to do well.

Past performance might not guarantee future results but when you have enough data, when you have done enough backtesting, it should give you enough some sense of silent confidence to know you are on the right track.

For that, we are now committed to continuously adding onto this portfolio with $150 per week to grow it to become a bigger portfolio. And hopefully our results will mirror the back test results.

We have put in all the hard work, and the time to develop the Asian Sniper, so that you can have an easier route in your trading journey.

Join us on this exciting journey and opt for change or you can go back to your same trading results...?

It's really up to you now...

Let me tell you really can't put a price on Your Trading Success

Let me explain why... you cannot really put a price on your trading success.

Each of us started this journey because we are motivated by different objectives.

For me, I wanted to become successful in trading because I wanted to leave my day job which I did not like.

Trading for me was a way out to achieve time freedom, and location freedom because I could work anytime that I like and I could work from anywhere in the world.

For others, it might be for other important reasons like maybe providing a better lifestyle for their families, to send their kids to better schools, or maybe to even build a comfortable retirement nest.

What's your reason for wanting to do well in trading?

And if you can do well in trading, what's the price that you are willing to pay?

How would it change your life?

How would it change your relationship with your family?

One thing is for sure... when you start getting consistent result with trading, everything will change for you and most likely it will change for the better.

How much are you willing to pay for your dreams?

How much are you willing to pay for not going to the office?

How much are you willing to pay for your freedom to work from anywhere?

How much are you willing to pay to have a 2nd income?

This is why we said earlier you can't put a price of your trading success.

It's priceless!

Would the Asian Sniper be worth $3376...?

Sure... $3376 might be worth a lot of money...

But would it be worth it IF it can help you quit your day job so that you can spend more quality time with your family?

Would it be worth it if you can just start enjoying trading instead of feeling so stressed all the time about getting results?

Would it be worth it if you can just afford the nice vacation for your family even if it is only once a year?

The answer is clear.

Although we can clearly charge for more on the Asian Sniper, we have decided it should not cost you $3376.

Instead, we have made it a ridiculous price and we have 3 different packages for you to choose from.

Bronze pAckage

If you intent to have only one account, then this is for you. 


$197 Special Launch Price
Regular Price : $397

  • Licensed to 1 x MT4 account. 
  • Asian Sniper EA
  • 6 Months Updates
  • 6 Months Support
  • Licence not transferable

Gold Package can resell this license or use it to manage for your clients.

They will not know that you are using The Asian Sniper as your secret weapon.


$297 Special Launch Price
Regular Price : $797

  • Licensed to 3 x MT4 accounts.
  • Asian Sniper EA
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates 
  • License Transferable

There are no refunds and all sales are final!

Just to be absolutely clear...

We have taken all the necessary steps to show you all results as transparent as possible to you so that making this decision becomes a no brainer decision for you and we also do not want the hassle of dealing people who are not serious in this journey.

We believe that we have shown and proven to you the effectiveness of The Asian Sniper.

There are no refunds and all sales are final.

If you are unsure, please do not proceed.

We will both be happier this way.

Although this is almost surely the best decision you can make in the trading world, think carefully.

We will not entertain any refund request for any reason.

This is a one time payment with no yearly renewal fees.

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